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How Do You Get Lead Paint Ready For Painting?

How Do You Get Lead Paint Ready For Painting?

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Before you work with any type of lead-based paint, you'll want to make sure you have the correct type of protection at the ready. In addition to eye protection, you'll also want to make sure that you have gloves to avoid touching these surfaces. Sometimes professional painters even use respirators to help make sure that they don't ingest any of the dust that gets into the air.

If you need to sand or scrape any of the areas of your wall that have lead paint, you'll want to make sure you do so while the surface is wet. This will both make the job easier and cut down on dust as much as possible. The actual process of working with lead-based paint is called encapsulation. This is when you use a very specific type of material that is applied over top of the lead paint in an effort to seal it, thus reducing the release of paint chips and dust moving forward. 

Best Products To Help Remove Dust & Clean Lead Surfaces?

No discussion of the best products to help remove dust and clean lead surfaces would be complete without LeadSafe Lead Dust Wipes - a series of conveniently packaged towelettes that are presoaked in trisodium phosphate (or TSP for short) to aid in surface preparation and cleaning jobs both large and small. These are the perfect types of products to use before and even after any lead abatement project and they're crucial to help control all lead-based paint dust hazards and related issues.

Next up we have Fiberlock Lead Shield Post Removal Lockdown Coating, which is a product that binds residual lead-based paint and dust present after removal. All told, this product virtually eliminates the need for sanding, priming and even sizing recently stripped walls - making it the perfect item to have at-the-ready.

Finally, we have Fiberlock Lead Safe Cleaner - a concentrated product designed with the express intention of helping you clean up all lead dust left behind after your abatement, construction or renovation projects are completed. It's been precisely formulated to remove more lead dust than any more traditional cleaning products, and it can also be rinsed away easily for your convenience.